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We have been educated about heart attacks, but few of us know what a brain attack is. A brain attack is also called a stroke. It happens when a blood vessel in the brain is ruptured or blocked.

Globally, the second most life threatening disease...

Stroke is also the leading cause of permanent disability among patients that are over 45 years of age; making it a major socio-economic concern to a family and the society at large.

Act F.A.S.T.

Recognise the symptoms of a Stroke and act at once.
FACEAsk the patient to smile. Does one side of his face droop?
ARMS – Ask the patient to raise both arms. Has his arm become weak or numb?
SPEECHAsk the patient to say something. Is his speech unclear or slurred?
TIME – If any of these symptoms crop up, it’s time to call a STROKE UNIT.

Survival is a stroke of luck when it’s a matter of time...

1.9 million Neurons are lost every minute in the acute phase of an ischemic stroke. Treatment can control the damage if the patient reaches the hospital soon, after the onset of an attack.

Dealing With A Stroke Patient

Pay attention to the Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with a stroke patient, as mentioned below.


Let the affected person lie down
Gather any relevant medical history
Call the Stroke Unit at a nearby Hospital


Do not give the afflicted person water or anything to eat
Do not administer medicines, unless advised by the physician
Do not keep the patient at home, even if the symptoms seem to get better

Patients treated at a dedicated Stroke Unit have a greater chance of functional recovery...

Our Services

The Stroke Unit @ Kohinoor Hospital

It is essential to visit a nearby hospital with MRI, CT Scan and Cath Lab facilities. Kohinoor Hospital is easily accessible and has a well-equipped department dedicated to the care of stroke patients.

We have both, modern technology and highly skilled practitioners. Our support staff is efficient and amiable.

We Care..

An Acute Ischemic Stroke Patient will receive

Streamlined and co-ordinated Protocol based treatment
Emergency Brain Scan, to confirm the diagnosis
Consultation with a Stroke Specialist
Administration of drugs, to dissolve the blockage in the blood vessel
Removal of  blocks, using devices in the Cath Lab
Optimal ICU management by stroke team
Rehabilitation with various therapists

The brain is the most important faculty of the human body; we care, you must too.
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