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   Speciality - Internal Medicine

Kohinoor Hospital’s department of Internal Medicine has senior consultants, with years of experience in India and overseas.

This division manages acute and chronic care of infectious diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, etc., of environmental diseases like radiation injuries, animal/reptile bites, etc.; ensures the detection and management of drug overdose and poisoning and stands as a strong pillar in ensuring excellence & best practices in the delivery of health care.

It also holds in its aegis a contemporary Intensive Care Unit admitting medical & surgical cases and ensuring excellent outcomes through implementation of best practices from a sought after team of experts who have at their command a slew of up-to-date amenities and a track record of cure and prevention of recurrence of several adult medical conditions. The core of this success comes from the system of multi-specialty consultant involvement, bound together by the medical consultant and intensivist, to ensure seamless co-ordinated delivery of health care from the best of every specialty.

The department also prides itself for excellence in coordination with surgical and anaesthesia teams not only in supra-major surgeries such as open-heart and minimally invasive cardiac surgeries but also laproscopic gynaecological & abdominal surgeries including cosmetic, bariatric & plastic surgeries. In the field of cardiac surgery it has in its list of delivering excellence in post operative care to complex surgery cases like the Cabrol’s modification of Benthalls surgery and the Cox-Maze-III surgery for abolishing atrial fibrillation as also orthopaedic implants in the older age group of patients who have a slew of complex medical conditions and yet undergo successful implant surgery.

The Internal Medicine department has a policy of interacting and participating in academic activities, conferences, workshops and also conducting the same. It actively subscribes to fulfil the vision of teaching and learning to continuously upgrade and attain growth and excellence in applied medicine. It has an academic core committee with regular meetings, review of policies and protocols & the execution of the same.

Standing at the core of the hospital is an Ethics Committee that ensures the organization upholds the highest values in Best Practices and human delivery of healthcare. It also monitors actively the delivery of healthcare & is independent in its reporting to ensure no interference can occur in the functioning of the committee. The Dept. of Internal Medicine reports independently and regularly to the Ethics Committee about all its activities.
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